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The Hitting Zone is excited to announce our newest program! All American Arms is a Ballistic Training Program for both pitchers and position players, designed to increase arm strength/health, velocity, accuracy. These goals are accomplished through 5 program components: Arm Strengthening, Mechanical Patterning, Improving Range of Motion, Improving Rate of Force, and Reorganizing Proprioception for the field/mound. This is a two-phase, eight-week program (four weeks per phase) that is ongoing and will be tailored to each athlete after 8 weeks are completed. Cost of program is $299 per phase, and program will be limited to 18-24 participants per month. Open to ages 11 - 18. To register please send an email to with your player’s full name and age. This program will be held Tuesday and Thursday at 7-8:15pm at the Hitting Zone.

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